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Why Fewer People Are Seeking Social Security Benefits

The number of people seeking Social Security disability benefits is decreasing. That has led to an unexpected reversal of a trend that has threatened the program's stability and could have forced it to terminate due to depleted funds. Two years ago, the government predicted that it would remain financially secure until 2023. However, they say they are now funded through at least 2032, which is why it's important that you make the claims you are entitled to. "Since funding is no longer anticipated to run out as soon as previously thought, those in need will be able to continue to make use of the program's benefits in the coming years," says Tampa Social Security Disability Lawyer Mike Murburg. Last year nearly 1.5 million people applied for disability benefits, which is the lowest number of applicants in 15 years. Due to stricter application guidelines, the government has predicted an even further decrease, which is why more than ever it's important to speak with an experienced attorney who can assist you with the process. The attorneys at the Office of Mike Murburg, P.A. understand the contours of SSDI disputes and how to effectively navigate the problems to secure a favorable resolution on behalf of their clients. Contact a Tampa Social Security Disability Lawyer today to discuss your rights and legal options. The Office of Mike Murburg, P.A. (813) 264-5363