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Tampa Social Security Disability Attorney on Appealing SSDI Claim Denials

Statistics show that nearly a third of all initial Social Security Disability Insurance claims are denied. That leads to anger, frustration and disappointment. So what do you do if your claim is denied? First, understand that you are entitled to challenge the decision via appeal and follow-through pursuant to the administrative review process. Tampa Social Security Disability Lawyer Mike Murburg says: "The claim appeals process is full of unexpected challenges but may lead to an award of benefits. In fact, statistics show that nearly two-thirds of SSDI claims that were originally denied are accepted after the second phase of administrative review." When appealing the decision of the SSA, the three-phase process begins by challenging the decision through: 1) Reconsideration 2) Hearing 3) Appeals Council If you have had your SSDI claim denied by the SSA, there's no reason to fret -- in a great many cases, skillful advocacy during the appeals process can help you secure the benefits to which you're entitled. The Office of Mike Murburg, P.A., has provided comprehensive representation to disability claimants in disputes arising from the denial of legitimate claims. They have extensive experience, and a long track record of success, in helping claimants appeal unfavorable SSA decisions. To learn more about what you can do about your case, call Tampa Social Security Disability Attorney Mike Murburg today for a consultation. The Office of Mike Murburg, P.A. (813) 264-5363