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Trump Administration New Rules For Social Security Disability Income

The trump administration is proposing new rules for the social security disability income that could end benefits for tens of thousands of people. The rules would require more frequent paperwork checks of people getting ssdi payments, in a process known as a "Continuing disability review." Critics say it's simply a "Backdoor way" to cut people from the program - a program that's already under scrutiny for questionable benefit delays and denials. Social security administration officials say the plan would -quote "Enhance program integrity and ensure that only those who continue to qualify for benefits will receive them." So you might be wondering- whose social security disability benefits would be impacted? More than 16 million adults and children currently receive disability benefits, but the social security administration isn't saying how many people the new rules would impact. With so many questions swirling around this already- complex process, don't you need a Tampa area attorney who specializes in just one thing? Someone who has decades of experience in SSDI? Call Mike Murburg today or visit