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How long will it take to get a decision after a Social Security disability hearing?

After your Social Security disability hearing, it may take up to three and four months to get a written decision. Normally it would take 60 days, but it keeps on getting longer and longer. What the judge does is he will make a determination, he'll send the determination to the writers and it's up to the writers to write up the award and decision for the judge. So, if it's any more than 60 or 90 days I encourage my claimants or my clients to contact their congress person if the judge has told them on the record they they've been disabled. Or if they haven't gotten a reply from the judge within five or six months of the hearing, an attorney can't do much while it's at the writing stage. It's not advised to bother anybody while it's in the writing stage, but there are those cases where it's time to call your congressman.