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SSDI During COVID-19: Look Out For Scams

The circumstances may be new, but it's the same old scam, so don't fall for it! Those words of warning from Tampa area disability attorney Mike Murburg regarding a COVID-19 con game that's targeting SSDI recipients. The scammers will call and tell you they can help you collect benefits, or help you apply for that government assistance check related to the coronavirus. All they "need" is a few simple pieces of information- name address social security number. And bingo: once you give it, you are a primate target for identity theft. The US inspector general's office calls it the perfect storm. People are desperate for financial assistance, and thought of going to a crowded SSA office, filled with older, ailing recipients and applicants is not ideal so when the phone call comes offering help getting financial assistance-- it seems too good to be true and of course, it is.