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How do I get the medical information used to make the decision on my disability claim?

In order for you to get the medical information on your disability claim, you're going to have to contact the medical offices of all the doctors and hospitals you've been to, preferably in writing and request the records between dates certain to get those claims. This is something an attorney will do for you in order to perfect your claim and present it. Social Security Administration says that claimant is responsible for organizing and compiling all the medical records in this case so that the judge will have it there at the time of the hearing. It usually has to be done in writing. It can be done face to face, but it's better off that you go to an attorney and have an attorney to this because it's far more organized and as your case gets ready for hearing. The attorney is going to have access to your electronic file and make sure that all the records that he has in his paper case match the records that are on the electronic file and if they're not, there make sure they're electronically filed into the judges file before he considers your case.