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Can I get a second disability hearing if I get denied at my first hearing?

Yes. You can get a second disability hearing if you're denied at your first hearing. There's two ways to do it. If you're denied at your first hearing, you can appeal at the Falls Church to the Appeals Council and they can reverse the judge's determination as to whether or not you're eligible for benefits and then it gets sent down to the same judge again to make a determination. If you do a file a claim and you get turned down by the judge and you don't appeal that or you appeal and it's unsuccessful, you can go back in and file the claim. But the important thing to know is there's something called a DLI . The Date of Last Insured. Essentially, your SSDI case has to be proven before that DLI because after the DLI, you're no longer eligible for Social Security disability insurance benefits. All you have to fall back on possibly is SSI only.