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Fibromyalgia and SSDI

Today we're going back to the basics: with Tampa area disability attorney Mike Murburg, answering the question: who is eligible for social security disability?To qualify for SSDI, you'll need to have worked long enough at a job in which you paid social security taxes. The length depends on your age, when you file, and how many work credits you've received through the social security system. You can earn a maximum of four credits for each year you work. In general, you need 40 credits to receive disability benefits, and 20 of those credits need to be earned in the 10 years prior to you becoming disabled. Younger workers may qualify for disability benefits with fewer credits. Also, your health has to fit specific requirements. Your medical condition must have been sustained for at least a year, or be expected to last at least one year, or be expected to result in your death. Your physician may consider you to be disabled, but to receive benefits, your claim will need to be approved by the social security administration. To determine if you may be eligible for social security disability benefits, you can use the screening tool on the social security administration website. But you should also get help from an attorney who specializes in SSDI? Call Tampa area disability attorney Mike Murburg today or log onto his website