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What is Railroad Retirement Board Disability?

Railroad Retirement Board Disability is a disability program set up by the RRB for disabled railroaders and their families. It is much like Social Security and Social Security Disability but it is for disabled railroaders;

1. Who are under 60 and have under twenty years and at least five full years of creditable railroad service. These are called “Total Permanent Disability Claims” because the railroader must prove he or she is excluded by his or her disability from all competitive work in the national economy;

or 2. Railroaders who are under 60 with a current connection with the railroad industry and who have at least 20 years of creditable service or, railroaders who are at least age 60 and have 120 months or more of creditable railroad service and cannot return to their former railroad occupation.

These claims are called “Occupational Disability Claims” because rather than having to prove a total permanent disability, the railroader must prove that he or she is permanently disabled from work in his or her “regular railroad occupation.”

The RRB also has programs for disabled widows and the dependents and disabled children of railroaders that you can find more about by contacting the Law Offices of Mike Murburg, P.A.