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Protecting Your Benefits

Generally, Social Security disability benefits continue until you no longer meet the definition of disability or you begin to work again. The Social Security Administration (SSA) may review your circumstances periodically to determine whether you are still eligible. Or, you might be obligated to notify the SSA of any changed circumstances that affect your benefits.

Mike Murburg, P.A. continues to assist you during the months and years after you receive your application approval. Our Social Security disability lawyers answer questions about your continued eligibility and important steps you need to take to maintain that status. We also guide you through the SSA review process to ensure you do not lose your rightful benefits. You can count on our almost three decades of service to protect your rights.

Social Security Administration Review

The Social Security Administration periodically reviews beneficiaries’ medical eligibility. The frequency in which the agency reviews your case depends upon the type and severity of your medical condition and likelihood of improvement. In general, the SSA establishes your review schedule as follows:

  • Six to 18 months after you became disabled if your condition is expected to improve
  • Once every three years if improvement of your condition is possible, but cannot be predicted
  • Once every seven years if your condition is not expected to improve

You have the opportunity to submit evidence as to your continued eligibility at the review. Our team helps you gather and present documents, including medical treatments and updated prognoses you have received since your approval or last review.

Rights to Work and Receive Social Security Disability Benefits

You may be anxious to get back to work, but concerned about jeopardizing essential benefits by doing so. In fact, you must follow certain guidelines to return to work and keep your benefits. A trial work period allows you to work for at least nine months within a 60-month period, but your total monthly earnings cannot be above the statutory amount of $770 per month (in 2014).

During an extended period of eligibility of 36 months, you cannot earn substantial income without losing your benefits. The Social Security Administration approves an expedited reinstatement of your benefits if you attempt to work but discover your disability prevents you from performing your job. Expedited reinstatement is available for five years from the date your benefits stop.

You have an obligation to the SSA to notify the agency of your work status. This includes sharing information about when you stop or start work, incur work-related expenses because of your disability or if your duties, hours or pay have changed.

Protect Your Eligibility for Social Security Disability Benefits

Mike Murburg, P.A. helps you protect your benefits. Our Inverness Social Security disability attorneys advise you on issues that could affect your eligibility for benefits and we guide you through the SSA review process. Set up a free case evaluation today by calling us at(813) 264-5363 or contacting us online. We handle disability benefits cases throughout the United States.