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Obtaining Social Security Benefits After a Loved One Dies

The Social Security Administration (SSA) has provided guidance for how Social Security can help you when a family member dies. Here, we will discuss some of the important factors that are considered when the SSA is determining Social Security benefit availability. How Can Social Security Help When a Family Member Dies? The following are some […]

The Unique Issues Related to Children and Social Security Benefits

Applying for and receiving appropriate Social Security benefits can be a complicated and difficult process. An experienced Social Security attorney can help you navigate the Social Security Administration (SSA) working to ensure you get all benefits you are entitled to. According to the SSA “about 4.3 million children receive benefits from the nearly $2.6 billion […]

Same-Sex Couples and Social Security

Social Security is complicated in the USA. Navigating the Social Security Administration (SSA) and all the laws surrounding Social Security can be daunting. The law can become even more complicated for those in a same-sex relationship. Here we discuss some of the major questions facing same-sex couples. Do I qualify for benefits as a spouse […]

Social Security Benefits: A Look at the Changes for 2017

The Social Security Administration (SSA) has announced changes to Social Security beginning in 2017 that may impact you. If you have concerns about these changes you should contact one of the experienced Tampa Social Security lawyers at Mike Murburg, P.A. for guidance. Cost-of-Living Adjustment (COLA) Due to increases in the cost-of-living, Social Security and Supplemental […]

The Social Security Administration’s Compassionate Allowance List

Like many social security disability applicants, one of your biggest frustrations with the system is how long it takes to reach a decision.  Especially if this is not your first application for disability benefits.  You might wonder if it takes this long for everyone.  The answer is no.  There are some medical conditions that are […]

Applying for Mental Disability Benefits

One of the most challenging areas for both applicant and advocates is working through an application for disability based on mental impairment.   This is particularly true for the applicant who has managed to establish a significant work history while dealing with a mental disorder. The evaluation of disability on the basis of a mental disorder […]

Tampa Social Security Disability Benefits for Seizures

Seizures occur when there is unusual electrical activity in the brain.  Common symptoms include a loss of consciousness, uncontrolled shaking, and sudden mood changes. You may qualify for Tampa Social Security Disability Benefits for Seizures. If you file for Tampa Social Security disability benefits for seizures, the Social Security Administration (SSA) will look closely at […]

Receiving Social Security Disability Benefits for a Mental Disorder

Mental disorders cover an array of conditions including depression, anxiety, personality disorder, autism, intellectual disability, and schizophrenia.  The Social Security Administration (SSA) pays Social Security disability benefits and supplemental security income if the limitations resulting from your mental impairment prevent you from working a full-time job.  Social Security disability benefits are available if you have […]