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Railroad Retirement Board Disability Claims Process

Understanding the System

Mike Murburg, P.A. has exclusively practiced in the area of disability law for almost 30 years. Our sole focus on disability claims has allowed our team to acquire extensive knowledge and streamline our processes so we can help maximize your disability benefits.

A railroad retirement board disability attorney at our firm will review your case and explain your options for disability benefits, which may include Social Security disability, Railroad Retirement Board (RRB) total disability, RRB occupational disability or other programs. We then map a course of action to recover the payments to which you are entitled.

Applying for Railroad Retirement Board Disability

The Railroad Retirement Act was enacted in 1934 to protect the rights of railroad workers. In addition to providing age and service-based retirement annuities, the Railroad Retirement Act also provides workers with benefits for total and occupational disabilities.

To recover under the program, you must apply to the RRB. Our RRB disability attorney will guide you through each step of the process, which involves:

  1. Evaluating your eligibility for coverage based on total disability or occupational disability;
  2. Collecting and organizing evidence to support your medical claim;
  3. Filing an application and supporting evidence at the RRB’s field office;
  4. Scheduling an appointment at the RRB field office or, if you are unable to travel, at your hospital or your home;
  5. Notifying you of the RRB decision and following up as necessary.

The RRB typically makes a decision within 100 days from the date you filed your application.

Total and Occupational Disability Standards

The RRB disability program comprises two separate types of benefits for railroad workers with disabilities. Our legal team will explain the qualifications, processes and benefits related to:

  • Total disability — payable to an employee of any age with a permanent total disability
  • Occupational disability — payable to employees with specified years of service for the railroad industry, regardless of whether the worker is able to perform other types of jobs

RRB Disability Evidence

Railroad Retirement Board disability lawyers can help you gather the evidence you need to prove your claim. To avoid delays in the application process, our team creates a complete record of your medical condition, which may include:

  • A report form issued by your personal doctor
  • A release form authorizing the RRB to receive hospital, clinic and employer records related to your condition
  • Information submitted by nonmedical sources, including vocational therapists
  • Information from other relevant practitioners, such as chiropractors, audiologists and naturopathic physicians, who have knowledge about your condition

The RRB sometimes requests an examination at the agency’s expense to learn more about your medical condition or to resolve conflicts in the evidence.

Railroad Retirement Board Disability Lawyers

Mike Murburg, P.A. evaluates whether you qualify for railroad retirement board disability benefits at a free consultation. Our firm does not charge lawyers’ fees or expenses unless we are successful at recovering compensation on your behalf. Call our railroad retirement board legal team at (813) 264-5363 or contact our Tampa law firm online to schedule your appointment today.