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How do I find an attorney to represent me before and on my Social Security disability claim?

  What you need to do to find an attorney to represent you is, I would go local. And there's a bunch of good reasons for that. Number one, you going local with a Google search for attorneys to do Social Security disability insurance work. Do SSDI and SSI claims is important because they will know the judges that will appear in front of the judges, they know what arguments to use, and what arguments not to use and they're in the best position of all. I see a lot of national companies that try to do this where you end up meeting your attorney 15 minutes before your hearing. It's not a good situation. If you find an attorney locally that you're comfortable with, that's important to get in. Talk your case over with him and he will prepare you appropriately just like any other good attorney would any other area of the law. Get up your win, work up your testimony, and understand what your case is all about so he can present it to the judge. Not just meet you 15 minutes before the hearing because he's flown down here out of New York or Chicago from a national firm and doesn't know you from the next guy sitting in the hallway.