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Can moving to a different place get me a quicker disability hearing?

Yes. There's always a question of will moving out of state to another state will get me a quicker hearing. There are some states where the hearing times are about 300 to 350 days. In other states and cities where hearing times are up to 700 days. However, if you move out of that one state to go to another state, there are other considerations that impact you. For example, here in Florida, there's not necessarily a very good indigent care system. If a client of mine is from Pennsylvania for example, and wants to move to Pennsylvania I will say go move because the indigent care system is better, even though the claim times are about the same, so you can create a better case by moving elsewhere sometimes. But, if you move late in your case, that's not a good thing because you get kicked to the back of the list and you could actually end up waiting longer to have your case heard in the jurisdiction where the cases get heard more quickly.