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My doctor says I am disabled. So why is Social Security denying my Social Security disability claim?

It gets tricky when doctors say that you're disabled because disability in SSI and SSDI is an administrative determination, not a medical one. So a doctor saying that you're disabled really has no impact on a judge. As a matter of fact, that's been my experience that judges get a little testy about that because a judge has to make a determination whether or not you're vocationally able to return to your substantial gainful activity or the work you've done in the past 15 years and he has to determine whether or not there are jobs available in national economy that you can do. A doctor doesn't have the wherewithal to know that. So just because the doctor says you're disabled, doesn't really have any guidance or impact on a claim. It is important though for a doctor to make a determination what you can and cannot do, And then we have residual functional capacity forms on our website that you can download and use and take to your doctor, and these forms are helpful with somebody who needs a doctor's determination of what they can and cannot do. That is more important than the doctor saying that you're disabled.