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What is Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) BACK PAY?

Even if a Social Security Disability Insurance claim is legitimate and supported by substantial evidence, many Florida claimants are unaware that it still may require several months to process. Fortunately, SSDI claimants are entitled to the receipt of disability benefits for the period of time during which the claim was being processed, in the form of the SSDI back pay. Tampa Social Security Disability Lawyer Mike Murburg says: "SSDI back pay ensures that when you have your disability benefits approved, you'll receive payments for the eligible disability months going all the way back to the original application date. Then you'll receive the full benefits you are entitled to, no matter how long the claim took to fully process." Plus, if you can prove that you were actually disabled and rendered incapable of working prior to your application, you may also receive retroactive disability benefits. If you are considering the submission of an SSDI claim, or have had your claim denied, delayed, or otherwise adversely handled by the SSA, it's important that you get in touch with a qualified SSDI attorney for further assistance. The attorneys at the Office of Mike Murburg, P.A. understand the contours of SSDI disputes and how to effectively navigate the problems to secure a favorable resolution on behalf of their clients. Contact a Tampa Social Security Disability Lawyer today. The Office of Mike Murburg, P.A. (813) 264-5363