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Earning an Income and Receiving SSA Disability Benefits

If you've been disabled due to an injury, illness, or other condition, then you may be entitled to receive Social Security disability benefits. But then, you may be wondering if you can still earn supplemental income. Tampa Social Security Disability Lawyer, Mike Murburg offers some insight. He says: "In Florida, and elsewhere, the SSA will not award disability benefits to claimants who are engaged in "substantial gainful activity."  In 2019, if you are earning at least $1,220 on a monthly basis, then you may be prohibited from receiving social security disability benefits." If you are capable of working in a reduced, part-time role after being disabled, and would like to learn more about your potential to qualify for Social Security, or would like to maximize the likelihood that you will receive the benefits you are seeking, the advice of an experienced attorney will prove to be invaluable. Mike Murburg has spent several decades practicing Social Security disability law exclusively.  He can help at every stage of your claim submission, administrative appeals, and litigation processes. Let him be there for you.