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Should I Hire a RRB Disability Attorney for My Claim?

Railroad Retirement Board Disability Attorneys are a rare breed. It is a very specialized area of practice that many attorneys choose not to enter.

Railroad Retirement Board disability cases are difficult to prove and take not months but years to move through a very antiquated and overburdened system. The RRB has doctors and bureaucrats who will review your file in order to find any way they can in order to deny you your benefits.

Attorney Mike Murburg speaks about the challenges associated with these types of claims. He says: "The RRB will have very conservative doctors who will examine you and conclude that your abilities are in excess of what either you or your doctor says you can and cannot do. As the claimant, the burden of proof is upon you even if you have no idea what the elements of your necessary proof is or the evidence needed to prove it."

It will be up to you to gather all of the evidence in your case and to obtain opinions from your treating physicians as to what your physical and mental limitations are. Additionally, when your case comes to hearing, you will have no idea what questions your hearing officer will ask you or how to properly and fully answer the questions put to you. Without being able to do those things, winning a case becomes nearly impossible.

A skilled and experienced RRB disability attorney like Mike Murburg can and will do these things for you. He will prepare your case for presentation and prepare you for questioning at trial. He will also question you there and examine and cross-examine the RRB’s experts who will testify at your hearing.

In short, the answer is that if you really do want to and need to win your RRB disability case, you really do need and should hire an Experienced Railroad Retirement Board disability attorney like attorney Mike Murburg to handle your claim.