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Do COVID-19 Unemployment Checks Affect Your SSDI Benefits?

There has been some confusion surrounding that 600-dollar a week federal pandemic unemployment compensation check...And how it impacts other government benefits. So we decided to go to the expert: We asked Tampa area... Social security disability income attorney -- Mike Murburg: Will that 600-dollars a week affect social security disability income? Mike says the answer is "No." Unemployment benefits -- including this pandemic unemployment assistance and federal pandemic unemployment compensation... Are considered *unearned income... And won't affect your SSDI. But Mike does warn that if your SSDI claim is still pending... It may count against you in a hearing. Some judges believe that when you file for unemployment benefits... You are saying that you *can work and by implication, you are not disabled. There are ways to argue around it... But it still may be a problem. Bottom line, mike says, "Do what's best for you and your family. Don't live your life waiting for a lawsuit payout or disability claim to come through." If you need help filing... For continuing to collect social security disability income... Call the Tampa area attorney who specializes in that. Call attorney - Mike Murburg... Or visit