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What happens at a Social Security disability or SSI disability hearing?

Number one, your hearing will not be held typically at the courthouse. Social Security has their own places where they have their hearings. Often they're at the Social Security offices, but today mostly they're at the office of disability adjudication and review, which are not at your typical courthouse. These are offices outside of town. At the hearing there will be a judge there to consider your case. A reporter to take down the information. There will be a vocational expert to determine whether or not you're disabled. There will be you. There will be your attorney and they're not held at an open court. These are relatively small courtrooms. They call them courtrooms. They're about 20 feet by 10 feet. They're rather intimate. Everybody gets to get pretty close face-to-face and get to know each other at the hearing. They’re sort of informal, but that's who will be appearing. And that's what will happen at the case. The judge will take your testimony, listen to you, ask the vocational experts some questions. There might be a medical expert to appear and then a determination is made by the judge but he won't tell you that day