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Can I bring witnesses to my SSD or SSI disability hearing?

Yes, you can bring witnesses to your SSDI or SSI hearing, but the problem is you're only going to be given 45 minutes in that hearing and the judge is going to want to question you or your attorney is going to want to question you and it almost takes up the entire hearing. There also be a vocational expert testifying as well. Based on hypothetical's he's going to have to determine whether or not there any jobs available in the national economy that you can do. Corroborate witnesses are allowed, but there's a very short period of time that they can testify, sometimes as few as three to five minutes each and the judges won't allow the testimony if it's overlapping your own testimony, but it’s okay to bring them. In some cases you need corroborative evidence, especially in psychiatric cases it's very important, but don't expect any witnesses you bring to testify for very long.