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Social Security Disability Benefits: When Should You Begin to Collect Retirement Benefits?

SSDI benefits don't terminate until you reach full retirement age, so generally speaking, the longer you can wait, the better. Some people may take their retirement benefits immediately after reaching 66 and two months. That's the "magic age" for people born in 1955. Others, who may be more financially well off, an expect to live beyond their statistical life span, may decide to forego retirement benefits until just before they turn 70 in order to maximize benefits. That means a person who receives SSDI could voluntarily suspend benefits in order to earn DRC's or delayed retirement credits. Each DRC raises the retirement benefit by two-thirds of a percent. That's eight percent per year. So much depends on your health, your financial situation and other unique life factors. So call an attorney who specializes in social security disability benefits. Call Mike Murburg, P.A. today or visit Contact info: 813 264 5363 /