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How Many Times Can I Apply for Social Security Benefits?

When physical and/or mental limitations prevent you from earning a substantial living, you will still need a way to pay for your bills and expenses. So you’ve applied for Social Security benefits. And… you’ve been denied. Then you’ve been denied again. And a third time. So, what now? Is it “three strikes and you’re out?”

Contrary to popular belief, there is actually no limit to the number of times you can apply for Social Security benefits. There are also no limits to the number of appeals you can submit.

Submitting a new application may not be your best course of action, as reapplying at the wrong time may simply be a waste of your time and effort. Your individual case, and your circumstances, will determine if the best course of action will be to start a new application altogether, or if you should file an appeal. And timing is everything.

The SSA disability examiners must follow strict guidelines, so if there haven’t been substantial changes regarding your medical evidence or the severity of your condition, the outcome will likely stay the same. But, if your disability has worsened, or if you have new medical evidence, then reapplying might be the right decision.

While the wait can feel like eons and the process can be frustrating, you can fight for your benefits, as these payments through the Social Security Administration can help replace income, allowing you to cover your daily expenses and other financial obligations. A Social Security Disability attorney can help assist with your application, reapplication, and combatting any denials you may receive.

Attorney Mike Murburg will be there for you to determine your best legal strategies and assemble the proper evidence that can give your case a strong chance at success while in pursuit of the benefits you rightfully deserve.