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What is a Social Security Disability Offset?

Many disability claimants worry about their receipt of compensation, and how that might reduce, or offset, their Social Security disability benefits, as the source and amount of such benefits, can have a significant impact. Mike Murburg explains an offset. He says: Social Security disability benefits may be reduced if the claimant is receiving combined workers' compensation and social security disability benefits that exceed 80 percent of their pre-disability earnings. He further states that this rule is intended to prevent the claimant from earning in excess of their prior earnings, and to therefore ease the burden on the public when such benefit payments are unnecessary. It's important to understand that most benefits you receive will not be included in the offset calculation: only workers' compensation benefits and Social Security benefits. If you are concerned with your compensation impacting your disability benefits, contact attorney Mike Murburg, who has spent many decades exclusively handling disability claims and disputes relating to Social Security benefits.