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How do I know if I am eligible for Social Security disability benefits?

One can determine whether or not they're eligible for Social Security disability benefits if they think that they might meet a medical listing. There are also 100 compassionate allowance listings that are listed by statute, and if you fall under one of those maladies, then you can be easily accepted. Like small cancerous tumors, very very severe conditions that to may lead to death within a year. That's one really good way to find out. The medical listings is another way, for example, if you're missing two hands or two legs or any combination of leg and hand, that's a medical listing. That's one of the first things that's Social Security administration has to do is determine whether or not you meet or equal listing. The other way to get it, which is probably the most common way, is somebody who is unable to work in their prior jobs because of a physical or mental condition, and there would be no other jobs available in the national economy that you can do. And that's a vocational case. An administrative determination that Social Security administration has to make and they can get very complex. So, I would suggest that if you have a question of whether or not you qualify, you contact somebody a professional who knows how to do this kind of thing. Because there's a wide variety of ways to get it, and without the proper information you might not even know to ask if you have it.