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Can an Attorney Help If My Social Security Claim Has Been Denied?

You’re hurt and you’ve applied for Social Security Disability benefits. And here comes the dreaded letter of denial.

What now? Is all hope lost? Or can a lawyer help your case?

A recent study showed that social security disability claimants who were represented by an attorney were 300% more likely to win their cases than those who were not.

Attorney Mike Murburg talks about why a Social Security Disability lawyer may be your best course of action to move forward towards an approval.

He says: “Many SSDI and SSI candidates are rejected each year. However, applicants can file an appeal that disputes the logic used in the denial. New evidence can be presented that illustrates why the application should have been approved and an attorney can help you discover what information will help reverse the decision.”

There are extensive laws and regulations that can be applied to your unique case and an experienced Social Security Disability attorney can help you find the legal arguments and compelling evidence that will help move your case towards a successful appeal.

So if you have been rejected, it is important to know you’re not alone.

Attorney Mike Murburg will be there for you to determine your best legal strategies and assemble the right type of evidence that can give your case a strong chance at success while in pursuit of the benefits you rightfully deserve.