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When Can I Expect an Approval of My Social Security Benefits?

If you're planning on submitting a claim for Social Security benefits, you're probably wondering how long the approval process will take. Most "standard" disability claims submitted to the SSA will be processed within roughly three months. Tampa Social Security Disability Lawyer, Mike Murburg says there is a caveat, however: "The data indicates that most social security disability claims are denied during these first submission rounds and often, it is only after successive challenges that such claims are approved.  As such, the length of time required may be significantly more than the expected three months for processing the initial submission." One way in which claimants can somewhat mitigate these issues is by qualifying for expedited processing. Qualifications for expedited processing include: - Lack of Basic Resources - The Condition is Expected to End in Death - The Condition Began During Active Military Duty, and - The Compassionate Allowances List If you are submitting a social security claim or if your claim has been denied, you will want an experienced attorney on your side. Mike Murburg has spent several decades practicing Social Security disability law exclusively.  He has served numerous claimants over the years, helping them at every stage of the claim submission, administrative appeals, and litigation processes. Let him be there for you.