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If I file for Social Security disability now and am found to be disabled, how far back will the administration pay me?

How far back the administration will pay differs from each case. It all determines on the the date that you're determined to be disabled. If you file a claim today and say you're disabled in 2012, we're filming in 2017, so you can only go back a year from the date that you file your claim to get paid benefits. You can be disabled 10 years back but they won't go all the way back to pay. Then go a year back from the date that you filed for Social Security disability benefits, SSDI. SSI is a little bit different, it's Supplemental Security income. You are only entitled to benefits under SSI from the date you filed because it essentially amounts to a welfare program for the disabled and it doesn't have anything to do with your SSDI or the insurance benefits that you paid into throughout your entire working life.