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Can I collect Social Security disability, long-term disability, and workers’ compensation at the same time?

Yes, you can collect Social Security disability and the LTD, or the long-term disability, and worker’s compensation at the same time, but each is governed by separate laws. Essentially LTD is governed by federal law, workers compensation is governed by state law and Social Security is once again determined by federal law. Each one of is going to be able to contribute to you while you're living while you're waiting for your disability claim to be determined for example. In the end, the LTD carrier is going to want to offset their benefits they're paying you by the amount that you're getting in social security. Workers’ compensation is going to want to do the same thing, but each state is different in that regard because some states are direct offset states and some states are reverse offset states. Here in Florida it's a reverse state offset state. So it's best to get an attorney who does either two or three of these areas to determine what the offsets are going to be if you're really interested, it really becomes domain after you receive your assets, the benefits and the insurance companies, the comp insurer or the LTD insurer is fighting over who's going to get the proper offset. That being said, if you do have a workers’ compensation case, save all your settlement paper work because your SSDI is going to need it to determine what the offset is going to be and the actual amount that they're going to have to pay you.