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Category: Social Security Disability

Myths about Social Security Disability

May 4, 2015 Blog

Disability attorneys hear common myths from clients about Social Security benefits or how to prove eligibility. If you believe you suffer from a medical condition that disables you from work, it’s important to understand the facts about filing a claim. Myth #1 – You Have to Be Off Work for […]

Back Pain and SS Disability

May 1, 2015 Blog

Evaluation of Back Pain Cases  In a large number of cases that Tampa SSD attorneys handle, the most common symptom is often back pain. Due to the high number of cases involving this factor, showing that you are disabled because of this pain can be a challenge. Evidence Considered by […]

Consultative Exam and SS Disability

May 1, 2015 Blog

Your Florida Social Security lawyer can explain that, in some cases, a consultative examination may become necessary. The following information can help provide answers to basic questions regarding these examinations. How Much Does the Exam Cost? Your Florida Social Security lawyer will explain that you do not have to pay […]

Social Security Disability and Age

May 1, 2015 Blog

Age, Limitations and Impairments As you go through the process of applying for benefits and showing that you have a disabling impairment, your Florida disability lawyer can explain how your age may affect the outcome of your case. He or she may discuss the following limitations that your age may […]

Mike Murburg, P.A. on Objection to Video

March 3, 2015 Blog

Prior to scheduling a hearing, SSA will notify the claimant that it may schedule the appearance by video teleconferencing.  If the claimant objects to appearing by video teleconferencing, the claimant or his/her representative must notify SSA in writing within 30 days after receiving this notice. Please refer to the You […]