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Social Security Disability and Age

May 1, 2015 Blog

Age, Limitations and Impairments

As you go through the process of applying for benefits and showing that you have a disabling impairment, your Florida disability lawyer can explain how your age may affect the outcome of your case. He or she may discuss the following limitations that your age may put on your ability to perform certain work.
Mental Impairments

Your Florida disability lawyer can explain that even paid unskilled work requires certain mental proclivities. For example, you must be able to respond to your supervisor’s instructions, handle changes in a routine setting and make certain judgments commensurate with your job. Age can have a significant impact on a person’s ability to perform these duties. If your ability to perform these basic expectations is inhibited, you may be found disabled.

Visual Impairments

Many sedentary jobs require a person to handle small objects. As a person ages, his or her ability to see these small objects is often affected. Being unable to see these types of objects can further decrease the number of available jobs that you can realistically work.

Environmental Restrictions

A Florida disability attorney can explain that many older individuals may be affected by a variety of environmental factors. These factors may affect their respiratory systems and expose them to debilitating effects. When individuals must avoid environmental irritants, odors, noise or dust, they are often limited to the full range of sedentary work.

Mobility Limitations

Various impairments can impact a person’s mobility, especially as he or she ages. For example, individuals may be required to lie down or elevate their legs during part of the work day. Many sedentary positions will not allow this. Other jobs may require individuals to sit down for long periods of time. When a person’s ability to sit for six hours or longer is inhibited, the occupational base for the full range of this type of work is eroded. Older individuals may need to get up and walk around if they have back problems or other disabling limitations. However, many sedentary positions will refuse to permit this movement because it takes a person away from his or her position.

For more information on how a person’s age can impact his or her ability to perform various types of work, contact a Florida disability lawyer at 813-264-5363.