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Category: Social Security Disability

Applying for Mental Disability Benefits

September 7, 2016 Blog

One of the most challenging areas for both applicant and advocates is working through an application for disability based on mental impairment.   This is particularly true for the applicant who has managed to establish a significant work history while dealing with a mental disorder. The evaluation of disability on the […]

Past Relevant Work and SS Disability

May 26, 2015 Blog

Disability Benefits and Past Relevant Work What is “past relevant work”? Any claimant for Social Security disability benefits has come across this term. It is an important step in evaluating claims for disability benefits and may be the basis on which your claim is approved or denied, especially if your […]

5 Major Types of SS Benefits

May 26, 2015 Blog

The Social Security Administration classifies 5 major types of benefits you can receive based on your level of disability. Factors that contribute to which type of benefit you’ll be eligible for depend on your current income level, your marital status and exactly when your disability started. You should work closely […]

Impairment Listing and SS Claim

May 26, 2015 Blog

The Listing of Impairments When filing for Social Security disability benefits, you should understand the two ways a claimant can be found disabled. One way is if their medical disability is recognized in a book called the Listing of Impairments. If your impairment “meets or equals” something in the Listing […]