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Consultative Exam and SS Disability

May 1, 2015 Blog

Your Florida Social Security lawyer can explain that, in some cases, a consultative examination may become necessary. The following information can help provide answers to basic questions regarding these examinations.

How Much Does the Exam Cost?

Your Florida Social Security lawyer will explain that you do not have to pay for a consultative exam. Instead, the Social Security Administration pays for these types of exams and reports. Even if your own treating physician performs the exam, you do not have to pay.

What Happens at a Consultative Examination?

The procedure that is part of a consultative examination varies based on the type of impairment that the claimant has. Additionally, it can depend on the information that the Social Security Administration requires. In some cases, claimants must get a complete medical history, physical exam, lab work and other medical tests to diagnose the alleged impairment and its severity. However, some consultative examinations are not as intensive, such as when the Social Security Administration only needs results from a certain medical test.

What Happens if I Don’t Attend the Exam?

You may be able to reschedule your exam if you have a good reason for doing so. However, if you do not have good cause and miss your appointment, the Social Security Administration may make a decision without the information that would have been learned by conducting the consultative examination.

Who Performs the Exam?

The Social Security Administration is responsible for arranging the consultative examination. Therefore, the Administration is responsible for connecting you with a healthcare provider that has the necessary skills and education. In some cases, the claimant may be required to travel a good distance to meet with the practitioner. If you would like your treating physician to perform the examination, this may be possible if he or she has the necessary skills and education. According to Social Security guidelines, having a treating physician perform the examination is preferable to having a practitioner not connected to you perform the exam. However, your Florida Social Security attorney can explain that the Social Security Administration must first approve this arrangement.

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