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Florida Disability Retirement

An experienced disability attorney can guide you through the entire disability claims process.  The attorneys at Mike Murburg, PA have the experience and dedication to help you through every step of making a Florida disability retirement claim.

Qualifying for Florida Disability Retirement

In order to qualify for disability retirement, you must be able to demonstrate that you (i) have become totally and permanently disabled, (ii) that the disability occurred during your employment with the State of Florida and (iii) that you have not been employed with any other employer since leaving employment with the State of Florida.

Each of these elements must be proven before your claim will be granted.  We can help you if you have any issues at any time throughout the process. If you have questions or concerns, contact us at 877-774-2889.

What does it mean to have a “disability”?

Under Florida law, you must be totally and permanently disabled to be eligible for disability benefits.  What this actually means can be much more confusing than it may first appear to be.  Only a qualified medical professional can diagnose you as being totally and permanently disabled.  Furthermore, the diagnosis must be thoroughly documented by that medical professional so the disability can be demonstrated to the State of Florida.

If you have suffered from a serious injury or illness and believe that you are no longer able to work, you should contact a reputable physician and seek a complete diagnosis.  After you’ve received a complete examination, you will want to contact the attorneys at Mike Murburg, PA so we can guide you through the process of making a disability claim with the State of Florida.

Disability Occurred During Employment with State of Florida

In order to qualify for disability retirement, you must also be able to demonstrate that your injury or illness leading to total and permanent disability occurred while you were employed with the State of Florida.  This means that you must get the proper documentation as quickly as possible after an injury has occurred or the symptoms of an illness have appeared.

Documentation means that you seek competent medical attention and that the medical professional keeps complete and accurate records of the diagnosis.  Furthermore, the medical professional will then begin recording how the injury or illness is impacting your life.

The attorneys at Mike Murburg, PA can help you if you have any questions about what is required and you should contact us today if you believe that your medical professional is not accurately diagnosing or documenting your condition.

No Further Employment

Eligibility for disability retirement is lost if you become employed after leaving the State of Florida.  This means that you cannot go to work for any other business after you have left employment with Florida.  You must proceed carefully throughout the entire process.

There are other issues that can arise that could end your eligibility for disability retirement.  The experienced attorneys at Mike Murburg, PA can protect you through the process and protect your eligibility for disability retirement.

How We Can Help

For more information about Florida disability retirement, visit the Florida Retirement System Pension Plan website.  You are also encouraged to read prior articles that we have posted on the topic, and if at any point you have questions, you should reach out to us so we can assist you.

Experienced attorneys act as your guide and your advocate throughout the entire disability retirement claims process.  Contact us today at 877-774-2889 so we can help.