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The attorneys at Mike Murburg, PA can help employees of the State of Florida through the challenges that they can face when making a disability benefits claim.  State employees can become injured or ill in many ways and if you have become permanently disabled contact us so we can help you though the disability claims process.

Disabled Florida State Employees

Eligibility for disability benefits can occur whether you become disabled during the course of your employment with the State of Florida (called “in-line-of-duty”) or if you may become disabled in another way (called “regular”).  Filing for disability benefits can become complicated and an experienced disability attorney can help you along the way.  You should contact us immediately if you have any questions or concerns.

Disability claims can arise in many unfortunate ways.  Accidents, unsafe working conditions, such as, exposure to harmful substances (for example, mold or chemicals) and intentional acts of violence can all lead to serious and permanent injuries.  Regardless of the way you become permanently disabled while employed with the State of Florida you may be eligible for disability benefits.

The State of Florida has programs designed to protect its employees after a disability has occurred.  There are very specific steps that you must take to properly and timely apply for disability benefits.  If have suffered from a serious injury or illness, you should contact a licensed and reputable medical professional for a complete evaluation.

You should also be aware that getting a complete medical evaluation is only the start of the disability claims process.  After we help you submit an application for disability benefits your claim will be subject to multiple layers of review by the State of Florida.  Allow us to help you work with the State of Florida to ensure that your claim is handled quickly and correctly.

Visit the Florida Retirement System Pension Plan website for more information about the disability claims process.  You will also want to read the articles that we have posted on the topic.  If at any point you have questions you should reach out to us so we can assist you with the process.

Contacting an Experienced Disability Attorney

Mike Murburg, PA has the experience to help employees of the State of Florida who have become disabled through the entire claims process.  Do not attempt to make a claim without the support of our dedicated staff.

Disability attorneys can help you file the appropriate paperwork for your specific claim.  We frequently see claims denied because paperwork was not handled or filed in the proper manner.  Mike Murburg, PA believes in a client-first approach when managing cases and we will work hard to get you all of the disability benefits you are entitled to.

Contact us today at 877-774-2889 if you have suffered a serious injury or illness.  We understand how impactful your disability has been on you and your family and we will fight for you.  The attorneys at Mike Murburg, PA provide dedicated and zealous representation for those who have been injured.