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Work Credit Requirements for SSDI Benefits

November 30, 2020 Blog

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If you’re preparing to submit a claim for Social Security disability insurance (SSDI) benefits, then you are probably wondering whether you satisfy all the requirements.  After all, most claims submitted to the Social Security Administration (SSA) are rejected, so it’s critical that you understand all the legal requirements, and do your best to adhere to them so that you maximize the likelihood of receiving benefits.

In the event that benefits are denied, all is not lost.  With the assistance of a skilled Tampa Social Security Disability lawyer, you can challenge a claim denial and recover the benefits to which you’re entitled.

For now, let’s take a quick peek at some of the “work credit” requirements.

Default Work Credit Requirements

Generally speaking, a claimant is entitled to SSDI benefits if they are “disabled” (as per the SSA’s definition) and if they have earned enough Social Security work credits to qualify.  These credits are earned after working (whether as an employee or in a self-employed capacity) and paying Social Security taxes.

By default, the work credits required are 40, with at least 20 of those credits earned in the 10 year period immediately preceding the disability.  A credit is earned for every $1,410 in covered annual earnings — but despite this low-barrier for earning credit, workers can only earn a maximum of four credits per year.

It’s worth noting that work credits only influence your eligibility to receive SSDI benefits — they do not impact the amount of benefits that you’re entitled to.

Work Credit Requirements Vary by Age

The SSA understands that the work credit requirements are rather steep for younger workers who are in need of SSDI benefits.  As such, they reduce the total amount of work credits required for SSDI eligibility (and reduces the “recent work” requirements) for younger claimants.  For example, if you are disabled at age 50, then you would only need 28 work credits, with at least 20 of those credits earned over the 10 year period immediately preceding the disability.

As these requirements can be somewhat complicated, we encourage claimants to speak with an attorney about whether they qualify.  For a brief overview, the SSA has put up a basic chart regarding these requirements on their website.

Contact a Tampa Social Security Disability Lawyer for Help

Here at the Office of Mike Murburg, P.A., we have decades of experience working with SSDI claimants, helping them submit their applications and receive the benefits to which they’re entitled.  If the SSA follows up with an adverse decision (i.e., claim denial), then we are ready and willing to challenge that decision through whatever means necessary.

Unlike many of our competitors, we believe that every claimant deserves to have their matter heard fully.  As such, we invest significant time and attention towards each of our clients, gaining deep insight into their issues at an early stage.

If you’d like to speak to a qualified Tampa Social Security Disability lawyer at our firm, call 813-264-5363 or submit a message through our website to schedule a free and confidential consultation.