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When Can I Expect an Approval of My Social Security Benefits?

December 31, 2018 Blog

If you’re planning on submitting a claim for Social Security benefits with the Social Security Administration (SSA), then you may be concerned about how long the process of getting an approval will take.  This is a fairly reasonable and widespread concern — after all, it’s not at all uncommon for bureaucratic mishandling (in other circumstances) to leave vulnerable Americans underserved when they need help the most.

Most “standard” disability claims submitted to the SSA will be processed within roughly three months.  The data indicates that most social security disability claims are denied during these first submission rounds, however — it is often only after successive challenges that such claims are approved.  As such, the length of time required may be significantly more than the expected three months for processing the initial submission.

One way in which claimants can somewhat mitigate these issues is by qualifying for expedited processing.  Let’s take a closer look.

Expedited Processing

The SSA will expedite processing (typically the claim will be processed in a few weeks, or up to a month at most) when the circumstances are sufficiently critical to justify it.  Consider the following scenarios justifying expedited processing.

Lack of Basic Resources

If you lack food, medical care, or shelter due to your disabling condition (and the lack of benefits), then you may be able to prove to the SSA that you have a dire need — if the SSA agrees with this evaluation, the social security disability claim will be expedited.

Condition Expected to End in Death

Terminal conditions (which includes conditions for which the claimant is on a waitlist for heart and lung transplants, among other serious conditions) qualify the claimant for expedited processing as the timeline for active benefits could be heavily “contracted.”

Condition Began During Active Military Duty

Military service personnel who are disabled during active duty may have their claims expedited by the SSA.

Compassionate Allowances List

The Compassionate Allowances Program lists a number of conditions for which claimants will be deemed automatically qualified for social security benefits.  Further, the SSA will expedite the processing of such claims.

Processing in the Wake of a Denial

If your claim is denied, then you could be exposed to several time-demanding processes.  Assuming that you would like to challenge the adverse decision of the SSA, you will have to submit a reconsideration appeal, which itself is likely to be denied (under most circumstances).  This process may take several months.

After a reconsideration denial, you may have to submit a request for a disability hearing, which could take a year or more in some cases.  In the event that the disability hearing does not result in an approval, then you may have to submit a new claim, which would restart the claims process timeline.

Contact an Experienced Tampa Social Security Disability Lawyer for Guidance

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