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The Tiers of Railroad Retirement

February 26, 2015 Blog

Understanding the Different Tiers of Railroad Benefits Potentially Available

Substantial compensation may be available to former railroad workers under the Railroad Retirement Program. As a skilled Tampa railroad retirement attorney, such as Mike Murburg, P.A. can explain, railroad benefits can offer enhancements over what a worker may be able to receive through social security. It’s important to understand the types of benefits available as well as where to turn in the event they are denied.

Mike Murburg, P.A. Discusses Railroad Benefits vs. Social Security Claims:  Railroad benefits work in a similar fashion to social security benefits but provide a separate administration process. As a Tampa railroad retirement attorney can discuss, railroad benefits are administered through the Railroad Retirement Board rather than through the Social Security Administration. Additionally, railroad benefits may be more expansive. Finally, as your Tampa railroad retirement attorney can explain, benefits fall under one of two tiers.

A Tampa Railroad Retirement Attorney Discusses Tier 1 vs. Tier 2 Benefits:  Tier 1 railroad benefits work much like social security. As your Tampa railroad retirement attorney can counsel, available benefits may include those for retirement, disability, spousal benefits and benefits for children under certain circumstances. As your Tampa railroad retirement lawyer can caution, children’s benefits may only be available if the railroad worker parent has died. Additional survivor’s benefits may also be available for the worker’s surviving spouse. For disability claims, a worker must be able to support their claimed disability with supporting medical documentation. Tier 2 benefits work much like a private pension plan. Benefits are paid based on a complex percentage calculation factoring in the worker’s five highest earning years. In the event a worker is denied either Tier 1 or Tier 2 benefits, there is a mechanism in place for appeals. As your Tampa railroad retirement lawyer can explain, benefit applications and denial appeals adhere to strict deadlines and filing requirements. Don’t take the chance that you might miss one. If you or a loved one are a railroad worker, it’s important to discuss your benefits package with an experienced Tampa railroad retirement lawyer. To make an appointment with the law offices of Mike Murburg, call (877) 774-2889.