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Three Common Reasons SSDI Applications Get Denied

September 30, 2021 Blog

People who are disabled as a result of injury or illness and unable to work often feel that their need for disability benefits is obvious. It then comes as a shock when their application gets denied. However, denials are frequent and the reasons are surprisingly common. Whether you have not yet submitted your application or have already been denied, understanding this aspect of the process can help you move forward and get the benefits you need. If you’re not sure what to do, a Tampa Social Security disability lawyer can help you navigate the process. 

Insufficient Medical Documentation

Approximately 70 percent of SSDI applications are denied, and failure to submit sufficient medical documentation is one of the most common reasons. You need to submit strong, thorough medical documentation for review by the Social Security Administration (SSA). This includes the following: 

  • Records reflecting your diagnosis
  • Your treatment history
  • Copies of any tests and results
  • Your medical background and history
  • A statement from your physician

The last piece is often forgotten by applicants and in some ways is arguably the most important. You need a statement from your doctor that clearly explains your disability, your limitations, and how it prevents you from working. One of the ways that a Tampa Social Security disability lawyer can help is by reviewing your medical documentation to ensure that it presents a strong case for your benefits. 

Failure to Follow Prescribed Treatment

Another common reason that applications get denied is when people fail to follow the treatment ordered by their doctor. The SSA will argue that they cannot determine whether you are disabled if there are gaps in your treatment or you did not undergo the follow-up care recommended by your doctor. As a result, you should make sure to follow your doctor’s orders to the letter including the following: 

  • Abiding by any restrictions such as remaining on bed rest or lifting no more than a specified amount of weight
  • Attending any required follow-up appointments or physical therapy sessions
  • Taking all prescribed medications

If you haven’t been diligent in following your doctor’s orders, a Tampa Social Security disability lawyer can help you get back on track so that you can get the benefits you need. 

Failure to Cooperate with the SSA

It is a mistake to think that once you submit your claim that all you need to do is wait for the SSA’s approval. The SSA may have questions or request additional documentation. Failing to return phone calls or reply to other correspondence can result in a denial of your claim. 

We know that life can be busy and it’s easy for these things to get lost in the shuffle of our daily lives. One of the benefits of working with a Tampa Social Security disability lawyer is that they can handle these follow-up requests so that you don’t have to. 

Contact Tampa Social Security Disability Lawyer Mike Murburg for Help

You are not required to hire a lawyer when filing for disability benefits, but an experienced Tampa Social Security disability lawyer can simplify the process and significantly improve your chances that your application will be approved. Contact us today at 813-264-5363 to schedule a free consultation to discuss how our firm can help you get the benefits you need.