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Submitting Information to Social Security

April 8, 2015 Blog

Submitting medical records to the Social Security Administration

While your claim for Social Security Disability is in its “paper stage” (prior to your request for hearing), your records are sent from the local office to any one of the five file assembly sites in Florida where the medical records are kept and eventually sent to ODAR for electronic compilation.  The Social Security Administration’s  system of processing medical records and/or completed questionnaires you personally submit to your local Social Security office creates many problems as only about 80% of the medical documents received by the Social Security Administration are docketed and exhibited.

At Mike Murburg, P.A. we understand this major issue with the Social Security Administration and perform pre-trial work ups with our clients some 60 days in advance of a hearing and go on to the client’s Social Security Administration’s Electronic file to make sure all records sent were received and properly exhibited.  Even records we electronically send to SSA/ODAR up to a month before hearing are routinely docketed but are not exhibited properly in the “F” section (the medical records section) by the time of hearing.  As a consequence of this, the ALJ and attorney must sit down and review the file during the first five minutes of the hearing to make sure that all documents sent are in the court’s electronic file at the time the hearing begins.

Therefore, when submitting medical evidence to your local Social Security office, please obtain confirmation that they have in fact received said information and retain this confirmation and a copy of what exactly you are submitting to SSA for your records.  As you may need to re-submit the same records along with proof of original submission on a later date.