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Social Security Program Details

March 9, 2015 Blog

 A Tampa social security disability attorney may provide you with a background on the Social Security system if you are interested in applying for benefits. This program was established to provide for the basic needs of individuals who suffer from a long-term impairment. Social Security and Medicare are funded by taxes that employers and employees pay into the system. They do so under the Federal Insurance Contributions Act. Typically, an employer withholds a specific rate of the employee’s wages according to federal law and then matches the same percentage out of its own funds. The employer submits the two amounts to the federal government. Self-employed individuals must also contribute to this fund.
Social Security Act
Your Tampa social security disability lawyer may tell you that the Social Security Act of 1935 established the first law in the matter. However, multiple amendments have been made to the act since that time. The program provides benefits for individuals and families, including providing protection for aged and disabled people that are available through Social Security and Medicare.

Eligibility Requirements
To be approved for Social Security disability, individuals must have adequate earnings during the last ten years. Additionally, the individual must have enough quarters credited to his earnings record for Social Security. This requires that he have at least six coverage quarters but no more than 40 quarters. In order to be approved for Social Security disability benefits, a person must submit an application with the Social Security Administration. The Administration uses a sequential evaluation process to determine if a person is eligible for benefits due to the nature of his or her impairment.

Trust Funds Available for Benefits
The federal government has established several trust funds to help secure the funds that employers, employees and self-employed individuals pay into the system. These funds are used to contribute to the Federal Disability Insurance Trust Fund, the Federal Hospital Insurance Trust and the Federal Old-age and Survivors Insurance Trust Fund. Additionally, your Tampa Social Security disability attorney can explain the Federal Supplementary Medical Insurance Trust Fund collects funds that are paid as premiums for various medical insurance coverage.

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