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Potential Issues to Applying For Disability

April 15, 2015 Blog

When you apply for Social Security disability benefits, a Social Security disability attorney might discuss three areas that have the potential to cause problems. Prior to providing testimony at your Social Security disability hearing, ensure that you consider these three problem areas. Then, discuss these particular issues with an experienced Social Security disability lawyer such as Mike Murburg, P.A.

When applying for disability, there are three areas where there could be potential problems:

1.  Think back over the 15 years before you became disabled.  Pick out your easiest job.  If you have trouble explaining why you cannot now do that easiest job, even if that job no longer exists, be sure to discuss this with your lawyer.

2.   If you received unemployment compensation at any time during the period that you are claiming to be disabled, make sure your lawyer knows about it before the hearing.

3.  If you have been looking for work during any period that you claim to be disabled, tell your lawyer about it before hearing.

If any of these apply to your case, bring them to the attention of your lawyer before the hearing.