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Understanding Attorney’s Fees for Social Security Disability Claims

1. If I do not win my case, will I be responsible for any attorneys’ fees, administrative fees or costs?

NO, if we cannot win your case for you we will never send you a bill for anything. It is that simple. If you do not win, you owe us nothing. We absorb all costs, that is how confident we are.

2. What is my responsibility for costs after my lawyers have won my case?

After a favorable decision has been issued, you will receive an itemized statement of costs that we have expended in your case for our obtaining your hospital records, medical records, doctor’s reports and expert opinions along with other traditional costs like mailing and postage which will be only the costs that we expended in order to establish your claim and prove it.  We ask that you please pay these costs within 30 days of you receiving your past due benefits so we can continue to help other disabled people get these important and often times life saving benefits.  Our clients have found the link helpful in paying their costs on line and we invite you to use it, if and when you so choose.

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