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How Drug-Related Disabilities Impact Social Security Benefits

May 31, 2019 Blog

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If you have an illegal drug problem, or used to have an illegal drug problem, then you may be wondering whether you are entitled to social security disability benefits due to not being able to work.  The truth is somewhat complicated, and there are prohibitions and allowances that apply depending on the particular circumstances of your drug use and the impairments involved.

Let’s take a closer look.

No Benefits for Drug Addiction

As a general rule, drug addiction cannot — by itself — justify the receipt of social security disability benefits.  Further, even if you are qualified for benefits through other means, the Social Security Administration (SSA) could potentially deny disability benefits if you are currently addicted to drugs (worth noting, however, is that the SSA will typically allow benefits if you can prove that you are in recovery, or that you are no longer addicted to illegal drugs).

Benefits Potentially Available for Drug-Related Disabilities

Drug use can lead to significant impairments.  You may be entitled to receive social security disability benefits for any drug-related or drug-induced impairments.

For example, suppose that you were formerly addicted to hard drugs, and nearly overdosed a number of times, causing you to experience organ failure.  Though you survived, you sustained severe impairments that prevent you from working.

Under those circumstances, you could submit a legitimate claim for social security disability benefits for the organ failure condition and its related impairments.

Returning to the drug addiction issue, it’s important to point out that a “current” drug addiction in conjunction with other drug-related impairments may still qualify you to receive social security benefits if you can introduce evidence showing that you would continue to suffer from the drug-related impairment after you stop taking illegal drugs.

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