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How Can Age Affect SSD Case

May 4, 2015 Blog

A St. Petersburg Social Security Disability Attorney Explains How Age Can Affect Your SSD Case

In order to obtain Social Security disability, you must have a medical condition that prevents you from performing the type of work that you previously did. You also need to show that you’re unable to adjust to other jobs you’d otherwise be qualified to do. The chances of getting approved for disability benefits increases for the elderly because it’s assumed that it will be more difficult for them to transfer their skills to new jobs. By discussing your situation with a St. Petersburg Social Security disability attorney, you can verify if you are eligible for benefits.

Younger People Applying for Social Security Disability

Your age, work history, education, job skills, and the functional limitations of your condition are analyzed to determine if you fulfill the disability criteria. Age is considered a very important factor because it will affect the type of work opportunities that are accessible to you. If individuals who are 49 years old and younger have impairments that hinder them from performing rigorous physical work, the claims examiner or administrative law judge may believe they likely have the capability to complete light work or sedentary jobs.

Approaching Advanced Age

People who are between the ages of 50-54 fit within the Approaching Advanced Age category. Social Security perceives these individuals as having more difficulty transferring their skills to a new profession, but they still might be able to perform certain types of jobs, depending on the severity of their impairment. If they can’t adapt to a new job or start a career in a different industry, then their claims will be approved.

Elderly and Advanced Age

Social Security tends to look more favorably on people who are at least 55 years old. When elderly people get injured, the condition may be considered more serious due to their age. If their medical condition is an impediment to performing past relevant work, they will probably have a harder time getting hired and doing the kinds of tasks required at other jobs. Regardless of your age, a St. Petersburg Social Security disability lawyer will thoroughly prepare your case to maximize the chances of achieving a positive outcome.

Contact a St. Petersburg Social Security Disability Attorney

Social Security disability benefits are a valuable resource for many disabled individuals and their families. Mike Murburg, P.A. possesses extensive knowledge of Social Security laws and regulations. The law firm uses its legal skills and resources to help clients get the benefits they deserve. If you are interested in filing a claim or want to appeal an unfavorable decision, we can help you. Call our law office at (877) 774-2889 to schedule a consultation.