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Hello everyone, It is I, Mike Murburg. This is going to be my first time posting here on the website. It is my aim to keep on blogging here. It has been a year since I left to be on the show The Biggest Loser. Since then I have lost over 150lbs and kept it off. I was an insulin dependent Diabetic and I am no longer a diabetic. But I am not writing of my success but about Diabetes and Social Security Disability. Even though one might lower blood sugar numbers, over time Diabetes takes a very mortal toll. It saps one of energy, deprives one of thought processes and changes personalities. I can attest to this all. Most recently, I have suffered foot ulcerations from micro trauma that was part of being an obese diabetic. Now, I have to stay very mindful of caring for my feet and lower extremity. Many people who get diabetes have foot problems. The feet are the furthest body part from the heart and the blood supply can become problematic. Luckily, I have good insurance and some great physicians who are caring for my condition as I improve and continue to practice Social Security Disability and Railroad Retirement Board disability for my clients. In many cases involving diabetes and advanced problems with circulation, physicians recommend that patients keep their feet up at or above waist level. there are not many jobs in the national economy in which one might keep his or her feet up for twenty minutes at a time above waist level. Such a limitation would eliminate pretty much all competitive employment for such a patient. Luckily, I am not there yet. I injured my foot by going out for a ten mile walk and wicking up an infection in a blister and I have just been too darn stubborn about not being active. So, consistent with doctor’s orders, I am staying at my desk more and exercising less for a while. I hope that what I have to write will be of some value to my readers.

August 31, 2015 Blog