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November 9, 2015 Blog

Usually an alcohol or drug abuse issue is the death knell to a Social Security Disability Case. In a recent case that we won, there was such an issue. I cannot go into particulars but suffice it to say that when a claimant kicks the habit and continues to go see his or her physicians, and the underlying condition does not get better, then that becomes a provable case. Often I see claimants who end up going to the hospital for treatment for depression because a bout with drugs or alcohol brings on suicidal attempts. This is unfortunate on so many levels. These claimants who cannot get ahold of their problems do not make good cases generally. When I take on such a case I require my clients to swear off drugs and alcohol and even if it is a touch and go case, we will see where the medical and vocational evidence takes us. Often, a client will get better without another underlying condition and return to work. These are my favorite endings actually. Never live your life for a law suit or a disability claim is what I always say.