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Coronavirus Impacts Could Qualify You for SSDI

August 31, 2020 Blog

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If you’ve been infected by coronavirus — and recovered — then you may be (rightfully) feeling relief at having survived this deadly disease, but it’s important to understand that coronavirus infection could have long-term, negative health consequences.  In some cases, long-term damage may disable the patient and prevent them from returning to work for the foreseeable future — and as such, this could qualify the patient for Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) benefits.

Let’s take a closer look.

Coronavirus May Have Long-Term Health Consequences

After many months battling coronavirus, doctors and researchers are now identifying long-term damage associated with coronavirus infection, from cardiovascular and pulmonary scarring to severe heart damage.

Recent reports indicate that patients — even after making a recovery from the “acute phase” of infection — could be exposed to harm with respect to their nervous systems, cardiovascular systems, and pulmonary systems.  These reports show that patients are not only suffering symptoms immediately after infection recovery but are experiencing a persistent form of organ damage that does not appear to be going away.

Depending on the patient’s pre-existing health condition, the worsening condition of specific organ systems may end up “disabling” them.

Coronavirus and SSDI Eligibility

SSDI benefits are available to those claimants who can show that their medical condition prevents them from returning to work and performing their primary job responsibilities (or from transitioning to another career path in which they’re qualified).  They must also show that the disability is long-term.  If the damage caused will last less than a year, then the claimant is not eligible for SSDI benefits.

If you have recovered from the acute phase of coronavirus infection, but are experience long-term damage, then you’ll want to ensure that you have all medical documentation available to support that claim.  In many severe coronavirus cases, some pre-existing health condition combines with coronavirus to worsen its long-term impacts — for example, a patient with lifelong asthma could be rendered worse by the coronavirus, thus preventing them from working afterward.

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