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Common Mistakes Made by Those Applying for Social Security Disability

June 28, 2019 Blog

If you are preparing to submit an application for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits with the Social Security Administration (SSA), then you should be careful to avoid some common mistakes that could undermine your claims and lead to a quick denial.  Working with an attorney and investing the resources into building a comprehensive application will maximize the likelihood that the SSA awards benefits.

Consider the following.

Failure to Include Sufficient Documentation

Oftentimes, SSD benefits applications are rejected on the basis of their being insufficient evidence to support the claims.  If you are claiming that your condition is causing impairments that prevent you from working, then you will have to include necessary documentation (i.e., medical reports, diagnostic tests, vocational reports, etc.) that can be used to justify the determination.

Choosing Not to Involve a Lawyer in the Process

Working with an experienced social security disability lawyer (in Tampa or elsewhere) is critical to maximizing your chance at successfully recovering benefits.  Your attorney will work closely with you to identify and gather all the necessary documentation, speak to vocational experts and others who can provide supportive information, help you piece together an effective application, and — if necessary — appeal the decision of the SSA.  This gives you the time and energy you need to focus on living day-to-day with your disability.

Accepting the Initial Determination of the SSA

The large majority of SSD applications are rejected initially, so it should not be taken as a perfect evaluation of the legitimacy of your benefits claims.  Rejected applicants have a right to challenge the adverse decision of the SSA and go through the appeals process (which may require a hearing) and eventually litigation.  If you’ve had your application for benefits rejected by the SSA, you may be able to secure benefits through re-applying with a more comprehensive set of documentation, or challenge their decision through an administrative appeal or litigation.

Delaying Your Application for Benefits

Though you can certainly wait to apply for benefits, there are significant negatives associated with doing so — specifically, if you delay your application for Social Security benefits, the SSA is likely to request that you go through additional examinations (conducted by them) so that they can develop a more complete and up-to-date understanding of your condition.

Contact the Office of Mike Murburg, P.A. for Help

Attorney Mike Murburg has decades of experience focusing primarily on Social Security disability law.  Over the years, he has helped numerous applicants secure the disability benefits they deserve, whether that can be gained through first-round application or only after extensive litigation.

Ready to speak to a seasoned Tampa social security disability lawyer at the Office of Mike Murburg, P.A.?  Call us at 813-264-5363 or submit a message online to request a free and confidential consultation.