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Availability of SSDI Back Pay

July 31, 2018 Blog

In Florida, and elsewhere, many Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) claimants don’t realize that the process can take quite a bit of time.  The approval of an SSDI claim — even if it is legitimate and supported by substantial documentary evidence — may require several months.  Fortunately, there is no cause for concern.  SSDI claimants are entitled to the receipt of disability benefits for the period of time during which the claim is being processed, in the form of the SSDI back pay.

What is SSDI Back Pay?

The process for getting an SSDI claim approved may be rather long (in some cases).  When you submit an SSDI claim to the Social Security Administration (SSA) for processing, several months may pass before the claim is approved.  If the claim is denied, then you may have to resubmit your claim, or challenge the adverse decision of the SSA, which may take even longer to fully resolve.

SSDI back pay ensures that when you have your disability benefits approved by the SSA, you will receive payments for the eligible disability months going all the way back to the original application date.  This is to ensure that you receive the full benefits you are entitled to, no matter how long the claim took to fully process.  For example, if you submit an application in September, and the claim is not approved until a year later, then you would be entitled to receive back payments for the disability benefits that you would have received during those months.

You May Also Be Eligible for Retroactive Disability Benefits

Importantly, you are also entitled to receive SSDI disability benefits for a period of time before you actually submitted your original application, so long as you can show that you were actually disabled and rendered incapable of working (prior to your application).  This form of back payment is known as retroactive disability benefits.

For example, if you submit an application tomorrow, but you have actually been disabled for a year already, then you may claim that time period (between the actual date of disability and the application date) for the receipt of retroactive disability benefits.  You’ll need extensive documentary evidence to prove the disability if you are to receive retroactive benefits.  Success will depend on your ability to present medical records that clearly demonstrate that you suffered the disability on the specified dates.

Contact an Experienced Tampa SSDI Lawyer for Assistance

If you are considering the submission of an SSDI claim, or have already submitted an SSDI claim and have had it denied, delayed, or otherwise adversely handled by the SSA, then it’s important that you get in touch with a qualified SSDI attorney for further assistance.  Your attorney has the training and expertise necessary to identify flaws in your application, and — in the event that it is necessary — to successfully appeal a decision by the SSA.

Here at the Office of Mike Murburg, P.A., our attorneys have represented SSDI claimants in a range of disputes, including those that center around the incomplete payment of disability benefits.  We understand the contours of a typical SSDI dispute, and how to effectively navigate the problem so as to secure a favorable resolution on behalf of our clients.

Call (813) 264-5363 today to get in touch with an experienced Tampa SSDI lawyer here at the Office of Mike Murburg, P.A.  Consultation is free and confidential.